My favorite TV Shows

I watch alot more tv than I care to admit but I love a unique and good story with great acting. I like drama and reality tv.Here are a few of my favorites, in no specific order

1) THE L WORD:GENERATION Q- I started watching the original L Word series after it had already gone off the air and quickly fell in love with Shane played by the stunning Kate Moennig. The current spin off stars Moennig in her original role as well as original faves Alice and Bette. The newbies include a Latina couple, a transgender Asian man,and a stud lesbian. Bette is running for mayor, Alice has a hit talk show, and Shane is desling with parenthood when her estranged wife shows up pregnant.

2) RAY DONOVAN- I once met Liev Shriver in the airport and he is GORGEOUS and smells amazing. No, I didnt sniff him but his cologne was perfect. He stars in this show that centers around Ray, a fixer with serious family issues. Ray has alot of trauma stemming from being molested by a priest as a child. He aint no saint as he carries on several extramarital affairs. His brother Terry has Parkinson’s and his brother, Bunchy is a severe alcoholic as a coping mechanism from also being molested by the same priest. Their father, Mickey is a life long criminal and ne’er do well whose attempts at making things right always make things worse. Its interesting to watch Ray juggle being a father and husband in his dangerous and deadly business.

3)HARLOTS- This show technically is on Hulu but I am obsessed with it so it had to gonon the list. It tells the story of a madam, Margaret Wells and her two daughters, Charlotte and Lucy. Margaret has only ever known prostitution as a way of living and has groomed her daughters in the same business. Her rival, Lydia Quigley goes to extreme measures to stop Margaret from thriving and by the end of the first season a prostitute and a “john”are dead. What I love about this show is no matter what your view are on prostitution, you csnt help but celebrate these women for not letting men push them around. They choose their own family and stick together no matter what.

4) THE AFFAIR- Dominic West is Noah Solloway,a struggling writer amd father of 4 living in Brooklyn. While on a vist to his wife’s family’s estate in Montauk, he meets Alison, a married waitress who is still mourning the drowning death of her 4 year old. So begins a whirlwind affair with consequences that affect bith Alison and Noah’s family for years to come. In the final season, the show takes a good look at issues of race and class while still telling the story of how everyone is affected by Noah and Alison’s affair. Ruth Wilson does an amazing job as Alison and Maura Tierney executes the jilted wife of Noah very well. Its a very emotionally heavy show and it does wear on your own feelings but it’s worth it.

5) SHAMELESS- William H. Macy os Frank Gallagher, the drug and alcohol addicted patriarch of a poor family in Chicago’s South Side. His oldest daughter, Fiona basically raises the other 5 kids in Frank’s absence. The whole family has different ways of scheming to support the fsmily while dealing with their own stuff. Lip struggles with alcohol addiction, Ian struggles with being gay and bipolar and Debbie eventually becomes a teen mom. Once again this is a story about how a poor white family stick together in some very bizzare and comedic ways.

6) 90 DAY FIANCE- This show follows several Americans who have found love overseas. Some are able to bring their significant other to America and have 90 days to marry if that person is going to become a U.S. citizen. What’s interesting is watching the couple handle cultural and familial differences and in some cases, being denied the opportunity for their true love to come to America. Its total chaos at times but is relatable in showing the struggles most couples have when deciding if they’re ready to get married.

7) LOVE AFTER LOCKUP- This show is similar to 90 Day Fiance but insyead follows the journey of people who are in a relationship with inmates. Their crimes vary and the harship comes once the criminal is released from prison. Many of the inmates have been in jail for years and upon their release have to handle being back in regular society and a relationship started in prison.

8) THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF… I actually watch ALL of the Real Housewives franchises but I do have my favorite housewives. They are Margaret, Bethenny, Dorinda, Ashley, Monique, Kyle, Brandi, Kandi, and Porsha. Its about rich/well to do women and their lives. The drama presents itself in their friendships and there are quite a few physical altercations. I heard their adding a new city soon, Salt Lake City.

9) LOVE AND HIP HOP: NY- This show is where Cardi B was first introduced to the world before her rise to hip hop stardom. It features hip hop artist up and comers as well as has beens trying to make it in the music industry while having love lives. Most of the men are cheating trash and the women are catty but I do love the drama and pettiness.

10)THE DEUCE- I love period dramas set in NY and this one portrays The Big Apple in the ’70s. Twins Frankie and Vincent are bar owners whose clientele include pimps, prostitutes, and the mob. One prostitute, Candi, gets out of the life and becomes a porn film director. Fron her perspective we get a look at the porn industry and how the majority of people thought it exploited women. It also shines a light on drug use among pimps and prostitutes and how it was a pretty normal thing.

Those are just some of the shows I love.There are quite a few more. I would love to know what you fellow SAHMs are watching. Leave your faves in the comments👇🏽

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  1. I recently got hooked on love after lockup. Guilty pleasure show.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mommyincolor says:

      Yes! Its terrible but sooo good!


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