My Current Hair Product Favorites

Hey, mamas!!! Hope you all are well and the kids are good. Especially with all the illness going around lately. In the last two days, everyone excluding myself have come down with a stomach bug. It was madness. However, I did manage to find time to not only cleanse the house but myself and my hair. The germs floating around really gave me the heebie jeebies. So I went to the beauty supply and went a little crazy. But look at the results: My hair and skin are flawless…no filter.

Here’s what I’ve used in addition to my routine products. The only change lately is I’ve switched shampoo&conditioner brands to another brand.


I first started using the pre pop clay mask back in 2019 and I jist fell in love with it. It detoxifies the hair and I’m a cigarette smoker so I’m sure the smell and nicotine are all in my hair. The slip was great, ligt scent was a little detergent-y but it doesnt linger and after the first wash my hair definitely felt softer. The conditioner was not too heavy and really helped with detangling. I think all the products in the Charcoal& Clay line have the same scent which I like as opposed to too many scents in one line. I’m definitely going to keep these two as staple products.

2) DEEP CONDITIONER-TRUE INTENSE TREATMENT MASQUE: I love trying different brands of deep conditioners because I feel like the same one time and time again can lose its effect on your hair. In that same vein, I found this adorable jar of deep conditioner. I really think the deep conditioner is responsible for how my curls are really popping. Go back to that pic of me, I’ll wait…………do you see the coil in those curls?!?! The smell was fruity which is my favorite kind of scent. I didn’t need a comb to distribute it, my fingers worked fine.

3) LEAVE IN CONDITIONER- CREME OF NATURE PURE HONEY BREAL UP BREAKAGE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: I really liked this product because it was as liquid as a spray or as thick as a creme. Its somewhere in between which is fun. I don’t think you need to use a lot. I sprayed into my hand and finger combed through. I picked it because it claims to help with breakage, which is something I struggle with quite a bit. I’ve only used it once so I’ll wait awhile before letting you know whether it actually did help with breakage.

SHINE SPRAY- CREME OF NATURE PURE HONEY SHINE MIST: I usually like to spray a little something in my hair after I take out my twists. I want the final look to be shiny and well moisturized. And this product does both. It doesn’t weigh the hair down which means I lose no volume. Haven’t see how it holds up in heat but for now, I’ll keep it around.

Mamas, I’d love to know what products are working for your hair. See any thing on my list you like? Click the pic and purchase it. This post does use affiliate links😊

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  1. Helpful for everyone


  2. Peshy Jums says:

    Great post and your hair looks amazing xx

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  3. chocoviv says:

    These looks great for hair!

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  4. madamdreamweaver says:

    Very nice. You look lovely. My hair loves Dove shampoo & conditioner and I use Freeman clay mask regularly on my face. (It’s blue.) I also spray my face with this rose scented astringent spray that’s got vitamins for skin in it and I wear a tinted BB cream with sun protection.(I live in the deep south.)

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    1. mommyincolor says:

      I need to find a good BB cream. What brand do you use?


    2. mommyincolor says:

      Dove is an old favorite. Might try it again. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Patty says:

    As a Stylist, I must say that your hair looks terrific and…you have lovely skin! You’re wise to spray product on your fingers and gently work it through your hair, much better distribution than just spraying. Using products with Argon Oil are great for your hair as well. As far as a good BB cream, I’ve used Garnier SkinActive…a very decent cream with a light, yet protective, coverage and a good price point. Ulta and CVS carry this brand.

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    1. mommyincolor says:

      Oh thank you,Patty! For my skin I I use Aveeno Positively Radiant foam cleanser as well as the moisturizer from the same line(it has sunscreenin it). For toner, I use Dickinson’s witch hazel w/ rose water. I like more natural products because I do share them with my pre teen who has some breakout issues. Thanks for stopping by. Do come again!


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