3 FREE Online Events For Kids/Families

During the Summer, I loved to find free kid activities around the city.There’s sooo many things to do, which is a testament to the greatness of living in NYC.I like to try to add different scenery to Amani’s life and of course it was no different when Avery came along. Last Summer, I took them to Central Park, Coney Island( the beach,not the amusement park) and a friend’s family barbecue. The goal was just to get them out of the house and around people. Mission accomplished.

I’m livid that because of..well, you know,the Summer is just about cancelled. Avery is VERY mobile, loves to be outside and around others who think he’s just as cute as he thinks he is🙄 Since my mom is stable in her health these days, she was going to spend more time outside with us enjoying the kids with me. The internet came strong with sooo many live stream and Zoom and FB and IG live activities during quarantine. I was blown away. Two of these activities I’ve already experienced for myself and it was sooo wonderful. Thank me later. Did I mention they’re FREE activities?


Yesterday, I had the supreme pleasure of watching Phantom of the Opera at Albert Hall for the FIRST time. If I remember correctly at one time it was playing on Broadway here when I was a kid and I remember a commercial coming on t.v. for it and I was intrigued immediately. It was always a goal of mine to take in a lot of musical theater and plays as an adult. But those tickets ain’t cheap!

A FB homie of mine posted on her timeline about the Phantom being shown on YouTube for 48 hours only. As I dug a little deeper, I discovered that several shows will be aired on YT . Of course, the actors and staffs of these productions are not working currently so they need financial support. I promise you, seeing Sierra Boggess sing Think of Me will make you cry and donate generously. I put Avery down for a nap playing it on repeat. I watched it again during a livestream thread with a new favorite FB group, the Sissy Squad. Shout out to Matt and Jake. We had a great time. Here are the deets about upcoming shows.


Dorissa McCalister-Carnell is an amazing person. I got to know her maybe 3 years ago during her live streams on Periscope. She was doing a teaching on Pastor Rick Warren’s devotional The Purpose Driven Life. Then she developed a Zoom Bible study for anyone who wanted to discuss their personal journey through study of the Word. She had some tough personal struggles, as we all do. But she doesn’t let that stop her from talking and teaching God.

Her latest endeavor is one I can appreciate as a mom of a toddler. It’s exhausting keeping Avery entertained all day and sometimes I just need a break. Auntie Dee provides that with nursery stories that she reads via Facebook. The stories aren’t Bible based but do have lessons about being a good person. Avery and I listened to an adaptation of The Tortoise and The Hare called The Tortoise, The Hare, and the Sweet Potatoes. Yes, Auntie Dee does funny voices as she reads different characters. Avery liked hearing her crow like a rooster. Sounds tickle him. Her voice is also very soothing and warm. You can catch her Monday through Friday at 1PM EST. Find Auntie Dee here. The stories we heard are here


Michelle Obama really understands the need for parents to catch a break and the importance of early literacy .To help promote reading skills, she’s going live on PBS Kids and Penguin Random House‘s FB pages. The Queen FLOTUS will be reading some of her favorite childhood stories. First episode will be up on Monday @ 12PM EST. Mrs.Obama will be reading The Gruffalo. PBS has other live events as well.

If you have any other events that will be live or online for kids and families, drop the links in the comments and I will share them out. Now is a great time to try to broaden our children’s minds despite the circumstances. Stay safe out there.

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  1. I’m loving that there are so many events happening online these days. So many businesses/people have stepped up to the plate during this time.


  2. Oh wow, that’s amazing that Michelle is reading stories for kids, what a fabulous lady she is. And that’s a great tip about the musicals streaming, I’ll definitely have to look out for those. Stay safe, lovely lady x


  3. ckinlaw87 says:

    The idea of allowing children to be children as long as they can is so pure to me. Listening and reading stories helps their and our mines wonder in creative and gives the world this powerful glow. As mothers we find ways to create life to be beautiful for our seeds. This made me smile, it’s beautiful!!


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