Mommy In Color Reads: What I Read In April

I know you looked at the title like ” Is she serious?! But yes, yes I am serious. I’ve had a crazy couple of months personally and things are finally starting to feel like a new new normal so here I am. I read 2 and a half books. I don’t count New Year, Same Trash as a full book but I definitely loved it! Here we go:


Everything Samantha Irby writes is gold. Her real life issues are like a mirror of my own thoughts that I’m just not brave enough to say out loud. Can’t wait to get into wow,no thank you


I liked this book because it was definitely something I’m into which is a multigenerational family saga/ historical fiction. It reminded me of Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. It told of a young girl(Alma)coming of age while being in love with her Japanese gardener’s youngest son. She’s sent away from her family during war time and both her and her beloved,Ichimei experience the same time in completely different ways. Ichimei is very poor and is sent away to a work camp that forces him to grow up very quickly. Alma is spoiled and sullen and spoiled and allowed to flit around from interest to interest. But she never forgets Ichimei and over the years they meet at different funerals for her family members. They each are married with children and the war and life has changed them for sure but they’re intense want for each other is still there.
It is a lovely story about how love is tested when the world falls apart and people are dying at alarming rates. I enjoyed watching Ichimei’s family work hard to make a life in America for themselves against all odds. Would definitely read again!


I enjoyed this book. It was classic Monroe with a juicy little secret. I was able to get into the story because it takes a look at classism in the Southern Black community. Odell is a pig, Joyce is a moron as are Milton and Yvonne. However I kind of admire Milton and Yvonne’s ambition to have a better life. Their means are sketchy but I mean we are talking about Black folks trying to survive in the South. I’m currently reading the second part of this series, Over The Fence.

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  1. Laeli says:

    Samantha Irby is awesome!
    Thanks for the new books to add to my list 🙂 They sound like great reads!

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  2. The Japanese Lover sounds really good! I’ve added t to my list. Thank you for sharing!


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Thank you for stopping by!

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