Mommy In Color Reads: Quick September Wrap Up, Mayhem by Estelle Laure

As in August, I only completed one book in September 😒 I was in a bit of a slump but I wanted to try to read through it. I wish I would have chosen another book to get me out of the slump because this didn’t quite do it.


Mayhem runs from her abusive stepfather with her drug addicted mother,Roxy. They go back to Roxy’s hometown where Mayhem discovers she comes from a long line of mystical women with abilities. The Brayburns are an old family whose women murder serial killers that come to town. Because of some kind of water they have powers to know when someone is a murderer, I think??

I wish the source of it would have been explained more.There were flashbacks to Mayhem’s predecessors, but the magic concept was still too broad for me. There didn’t seem to be a true origin.I did enjoy what the author was trying to do but it never got there. The characters are weird but not super interesting and not even the title character sticks out to me. My original revie was 3/5 stars but I think I’m going to give it 2/5 stars.

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