Mommy In Color Reads: October Wrap Up

I don’t know why with the year just about through, I’m slowing down with how many books I’m clearing every month. Last month, I only finished one book as well as the month before that. I’m going through some serious rwasing slumps. My current reads are VERY good, so that helps put the spark back into my love of books. Anyway, here are my reviews for this month. Stay tuned for my November picks and or course let me know what you have planned.


I have been a fan of Monroe’s since my teen years. I enjoy her tales of Black southern families with secrets that have a ripple effect. This series follows Yvonne, Milton, Odell,and Joyce. Joyce is a sort of well to do plain Jane woman who snags Odell who marries her purely for financial gain. Milton and Yvonne are a felonious couple who bootleg amd work at a grill to get by. They befriend Joyce and Odell but there’s a jealous tension between the couples.
When Milton discovers a scandalous secre about bougie Odell, he uses it against Odell for financial gain. Things take a more sinister turn when Odell becomes desperate to keep his secret from his wife,Joyce.
I love that this is a simple story. There aren’t too many characters so it’s easy to keep up with the plot. It’s a little predictable in places but it’s still interesting. The characters were real to me as were their actions and feelings. I couldn’t predict the ending despite my earlier comment. That was a nice little treat.3/5⭐


I chose this book thanks to the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge. The category is a book published in the decade you were born. I didn’t feel like trying to figure out what to read so after eummaging through the GR group, I saw mt decade in the title and that was that. I guess it was an ok read. The title character is a Korean woman and the story discusses her life from childhood through adulthood and how because of her race and sex she is at a disadvantage in life. I liked the little nuggets of statistics on women in the workplace, maternity leave, and gender roles for Korean women. Kim herself wasn’t super interesting and nothing life shattering really happened. I like what the premise was but it didn’t move me a whole bunch. 2/5 ⭐

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