November Wrap Up

Hey, bookworms! For those of you who saw my November TBR, let me just go ahead and apologize. I only wound up completing one of those books. The rest I either didn’t get because of the library or DNF’d(Villete by Charlotte Bronte). I got two reads in this month and it just hit me I only have a month to hit my Goodreads goal and complete the 2 challenges I started the beginning of the year. Phew! Here’s what I read:

1) Creatures by Chrissy Van Meter

I’m going to give Creatures a 4/5. The majority of those stars go to the beautiful way the author described the scenery of Winter Isand. It’s a beach town in Southern California that the MC, Evangeline spends her youth bouncing around. Her mother is flighty and comes and goes as she pleases. Her father deals drugs and struggles with addiction issues as well as abandonment. The dynamic between Evangeline’s father and mother is unique in how they each deal with betrayal by each other. I think Dad feels betrayed by Mom’s constant interruption of his and Evie’s lives. I think Mom feels betrayed by Dad’s infidelity both physical and with Winter Island. Evangeline reminds me of myself because I have commitment& abandonment issues. My parents’ relationship was toxic but I know I was their true love. Anyway, this novel is an emotional journey and will make you think about how places affect relationships.

2) The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

The Vanishing Half follows a set of twin sisters, Stella,who is so fair skinned she starts living her life as a white woman while her sister, Desiree, marries an abuser that she eventually escapes from. I like that despite coming from the same place, the sisters journeys being sooo different. I didn’t understand why Stella keeping her secret of being Black was so desperate when its the 70s/80 as opposed to the ’20s/’30s where she could have been killed/jailed for that.It ended well and the character development was believable. 3/5⭐ Btw, for those interested Zibby Owens interviews Brit on an episode of Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books podcast.

I’d love to know if you read either of these books. If not,what did you read and are you close to your reading goals for the year?

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