Hey everyone! I’m Jennice a 30 year old mother of two. I was born and raised in NYC, where I still reside with my kids,Amani and Avery. Oh yeah my mom is also with me.

We just recently had a fire in our home of ten years . The previous year my mother started dying form kidney failure and I had a baby, my son, Avery. My life was just one disaster after another. I am praying for a fresh start and taking my trauma and turning it into triumph. My mother is well, and the kids are thriving despite life’s twists and turns. We’re blessed.

The goal of Mommy in Color is to be real about raising children in an overcrowded city community. I’m single,I have two kids,and we’re Black in Trump’s America. That’s got to be colorful life,right? I invite fellow “colorful” moms to vent, celebrate, and rise up as we raise humans that depend on us to live. I have led a life that had NO black and white areas when it came to child rearing and a lot of that is meshed with how I raise my kids.

By the way, I also love to read and I have an IG for that. But you can follow me on all the social media stuff here: linktr.ee/mommyincolor. Let’s connect, moms!

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  1. Hi! So glad I stopped by your site. I look forward to reading more! Take care!


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Thank you,see you soon!


  2. Michael P. Davis says:

    The ability to regulate our impulses and desires is indispensable to success and working with others. People with good control over their thought processes, emotions and behaviors not only flourish in school and in their jobs but are also healthier, wealthier and more popular.

    And they have better intimate relationships (as their partners confirm) and are more trusted by others.

    What is more, they are less likely to go astray by getting arrested, becoming addicted to drugs or experiencing unplanned pregnancies. They even live longer.

    So it naturally follows that if you conquer yourself, then you will conquer the world.

    There endeth the lesson.


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Thank you for the words of wisdom. I didn’t know you even read my blog and thank you for that as well.


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