I am a 2o something year old single mom of a four year old diva named Amani.  We live with my mom, who adopted me when i was 14 but fostered me from the time i was 7. She is my biological mom’s sister and she is currently living with us and that has lead to plenty of arguments and turm

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  1. The ability to regulate our impulses and desires is indispensable to success and working with others. People with good control over their thought processes, emotions and behaviors not only flourish in school and in their jobs but are also healthier, wealthier and more popular.

    And they have better intimate relationships (as their partners confirm) and are more trusted by others.

    What is more, they are less likely to go astray by getting arrested, becoming addicted to drugs or experiencing unplanned pregnancies. They even live longer.

    So it naturally follows that if you conquer yourself, then you will conquer the world.

    There endeth the lesson.


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