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My Hair Regimen 2019

My Hair Regimen 2019

Hey, natural moms!! Raise your hand if you’re like me and neglect your hair because you’re a mom…I’ll wait…………Uh huh, exactly as I thought, most of you put all your energy into child rearing and forget about you. I’m with you,girl.

With Amani self care went out the window. I was raised by a single mom who worked and neglected her social life a lot. So to prove I was a good mom, I did the same. A year into that, I was like “Nah, I have to breathe. So I started figuring out how to make myself feel better when I can’t go out. So I went natural in 2013. I started off really strong dedicating alot of money and time to getting my hair in check.

Fast forward and I have Avery,who is a HANDFUL and I don’t have time for hair. But when I do try to tame the bird’s nest on my head, I keep the same regimen as I did 6 years ago. As tight as my budget for myself is, I managed to get a couple new hair products,some I’ve used faithfully and a couple new things. I’m a product junkie, so definitely tell me what you’re using on your and how you use it.

Pre poo(prepping the hair with product before wash. This step makes the hair more pliable for washing.

I usually use use a cheap conditioner by VO5 for pre poo but I think I have found a holy grail with Creme of Nature’s Clay and Charcoal prepp treatment. I’ve heard good things about the detoxifying benefits of charcoal so I wanted in. OMG, it immediately softens the curls before the hair is even clean. It goes on smooth and has a slight detergent smell but I loved it. I section my hair into six and apply the product generously to each section.

Then I cover with a plastic cap and headscarf for ten minutes. Enough time to make sure Avery isn’t destroying something or annoying his sister.


I rinse out the pre poo, then apply a shampoo. I love ORS’s Monoi Oil Anti Breakage Leave In cream. It doubles as a deep conditioner, which is the next step. I never used the shampoo or conditioner that’s in the same product line. I like good slip in my shampoo and this shampoo has meh slip. It is sooo hard to squeeze out the conditioner from the bottle because it’s really thick. It should have been in a jar. But just after shampooing, I noticed less breakage as promised. Because of my neglect I had a lot of breakage. Yes, I’d use this shampoo and conditioner again.


Because of aforementioned breakage, I needed a protein conditioner. It helps with breakage by strengthening the hair shaft. I normally use ORS Hair Mayo but I needed something powerful so I turned to Aphogee’s 2 Step Protein Treatment. It’s watery in consistency which apparently is good for my low porosity hair but ut hardens in the hair fast so apply quick ly. I left it on for 10 minutes and it took quite a bit of rinsing to make sure it was out. I don’t think I’ll use it again, the hardening of my hair was not cool.

I applied the ORS Monoi Oil Anti Breakage conditioner(see previous picture)because protein conditioners really dry your hair out and you need to replace that moisture. Im not going to lie, I love this line because the packaging is my favorite color but the products are very good. I love that there are no overwhelming scents and it’s not expensive. I use a lot of products on my hair and I don’t want competing smells on it.

I usually leave conditioner on my hair for around 30 minutes. Its covered in a plastic cap and head scarf. More time to check in with kids, scroll Twitter, or look up new Pinterest crockpot recipes. I have this multi tasking thing IN.THE.BAG.

The Big Finish:

After I rinse out conditioner, i add a leave in conditioner. Creme of Nature Argain Oil line is primo. Ive used the shampoo, intense conditioner,and curlxl creme but the leave in is my favorite. It makes the hair shiny, has a clean scent and the oil keeps it moisturized. It’s a liquid spray that yoh must shake to activate.

After that, I apply my oils which is usually Jamaican Black castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil. The blend I’m currently using is JBCO, EVOO,and tea tree. All of them have excellent hair benefits including thickening of hair, antifungal properties, and moisture retention. If I’m not going to twist my hair right away, then I make six large cornrows and cover in my headscarf when I sleep.

I know this routine seems like a lot but your hair needs love and time and patience, just like your kids. If you have other methods of hair care, I’m all ears. Find me on IG, Facebook, and Twitter.Until next week!!

2018 Hair Regimen


A benefit I love about being pregnant is all the extra hair. The hormones are really making me look great(sometimes… there are acne breakouts). Around 90 percent of the hair grows during pregnancy,and you only lose 10 percent falls out. New hair grows in its place.However, I know this is a temporary blessing. I know I will lose hair post partum and if/when I stop breastfeeding

I love the thickness I’m getting. Even the stubborn patch in the back/middle of my head is growing WITH the rest of my hair. My thinking is that I can reduce how much I lose by upping my routine. I’m a lazy natural and have been for years and Im nit even going to kid myself about keeping it up post Avery. I will be lucky if I will be able to take a shower once a week. Oh trust me,I remember newborn days.

Anyway my secret weapon to keeping my preggo growth is Jamaican Black Castor oil(JBCO). It promotes thickness and I promise you it works. I’ve had my current bottle (which also has lavender oil in it) for about a month. I use it in my shampoo because it helps a good lather going(slip). I’m currently using Shea Moisture brand Moisture Retention shampoo. I won a sample in a giveaway,fell in love with it all over again,then bought a full sized bottle. I shampoo my hair in sections to make sure all if my hair gets proper attention. I don’t put shampoo anywhere else other than my scalp. As I rinse the shampoo runs down the length of my hair, cleans it, and I Don’t have to use extra shampoo.


After I wash, I deep condition. Protein conditioner s strengthen the hair and help with breakage and I alternate between that and a moisturizing conditioning treatment. Lately, I like Creme of Nature w/ Argan Oil Intense Conditioning Treatment. It helps strengthen hair, prevent breakage,and adds moisture. I also do that still in sections,cover with a conditioning cap and silk scarf. Those of you who follow me on Periscope have seen my various scarves. I leave it in for about half an hour then rinse.


Before styling,I add a leave in conditioner. Going to be honest with you, I sometimes skip deep conditioning because I’m lazy or out of conditioner and money,but I never skip the leave in. My favorite to use is also by Creme of Nature. It’s with argan oil as well and comes in spray form. It definitely makes the hsir soft and shiny. Amani’s hsir loves it! After the leave in,I put in oil. I don’t use hair grease and haven’t in 6 years. Many of them tend to have petrolatum as an ingredient which blocks the hair follicle from growing. If I am out of JBCO, I will use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO). Most times,I mix them together. The applicator bottle you see pictured has JBCO and EVCO in it. Get one because it makes it easier to apply to the scalp.

The last step is to apply a water based cream moisturizer. Since I’m cheap I like a moisturizer that can double as a styler for my twists. Right now I like Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea All Natural Pudding Souffle. It reduces frizz,enhances my twists out and has a light hold to keep the twists neat looking. While I like the double duty it offers I don’t like the white residue it leaves behind. If I use too much or if I use it paired with my Eco Styler gel, when I take my twists out,the white flakes make it look like I have dandruff. But I DON’T waste any products so I add some more oil during take down snd that helps.


For styling, I usually twist or braid my hair,leave it in for 3 or 4 days, then rock a twist out for another few days or so. That’s it! I hope using these products faithfully in my routine (wash, deep condition, moisturize,and style)post partum shedding won’t be as severe.

Expectant moms, what is your current hair care routine? What products do you use?

Hair Care Routine/Products  2017


I just got back into my hair after neglecting it for so long. A friend of mine is having some hair care struggles of her own and we talked about different products she could try. It reminded me of how much I love my hair and how I used to go broke  using all the latest products just to keep it looking good. Not anymore. My routine is not only simple, it’s pretty affordable. Gone are the days where I will spend $36 on a curl creme. Now, I’m outchea being cute on a budget. 

First, obviously, your hair has to be clean. I tried co washing for awhile but I didn’t like it,so I went back to shampoo. I usually use Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberry Milkshake moisturizing shampoo but if I want to spare another $1.50, I will buy this:

It feels like you’re washing your hair with silk. I feel like a Queen using this shampoo. It has a lot of suds,which I like in my cleaner.

After washing, I have to deep condition my strands.I do it every two weeks. It’s important to hold on to the moisture from the shampoo and the added moisturizing ingredients from the conditioner. So my go to right now is:

It smells like lemons and it’s a protein conditioner,which means it helps strengthen the hair which in turn helps with breakage.  I section my hair in four, apply large amounts on my hair,wrap my bonnet around it,then my silk scarf for added heat so the product can penetrate. I leave it for 45 minutes and wash it out.

You could do a hot oil treatment after that step, I’m too lazy to do it. If you’re not going to do this,then I suggest following up with a moisturizing conditioner because protein conditioners are a bit drying. We want to keep as much moisture in the hair as possible,so try not to skip this step. However,  for those of you who cheat like I do and go straight to your leave in conditioner, here’s what I like to use:

Not gonna lie, I originally chose this simply for its bright yellow container. But it smell so good,y’all!!!  It can also double as a moisturizing conditioner and it works well for anti breakage protection.  I section my hair in six for this because the product seems to penetrate better when my hair is in smaller sections . I make sure I get the ends first and work my way up with my fingers. I let it dry for a minute or two then I apply:


I don’t use hair grease at all and if you do I STRONGLY suggest you stop now. It has petroleum in it which blocks the pores,cutting off hair growth. Bye bye to Dax and Sulfur 8. I use Jamaican Black castor oil with coconut oil. The castor oil helps the hair grow, thicken,and seal in  moisture  and the coconut oil helps strengthen the hair. I put some on my fingers and massage it into my scalp. I put a bit on the ends. It’s a heavy consistency so I use it sparingly. I don’t like my hair feeling weighed down. I leave the hair to air dry for about an hour before I’m ready to style and right now my favorite styler is:

 Black Castor Oil/Flaxseed

Coconut Oil

I have always loved ECO Styler Gel and I’m so glad they added these as options. They’re heavy like most gels but not quite as transparent. The gel actually sparkles like it has glitter in it,but when I’ve applied it, there was no sign of glitter.  After letting my hair dry for a bit, I start twisting it using the gel to hold the twist. I apply gel at the base of each twist so that it will lay down and at the end to keep the twist from unraveling.

And that’s  it! I wrap my hair up at night with a bonnet or silk scarf and in the morning I shake my head out and go. I try to stick to this routine every two weeks and I think I have found what works for me…for now. How do you take care of your tresses? What are you using?

Skin To Skin…care


The other day I did a bit of beauty shopping with my good friend,Alex. He was picking up the products that he uses on his skin and as he was doing that, I pointed out some of the not so good ingredients in the products. After having a conversation with Alex on what things to look for in his skincare products, I was inspired to write a post on my own  products and regimen. Thanks for the inspiration,Alex!

I don’t know what kind of skin type I have. I do know that my problem area is my forehead. I am CONSTANTLY fighting breakouts. The breakouts are at its worse during my “lady time” and when I’m really stressed out. In the past (when I was a teenager) I just washed my face with Dove soap and followed that with alcohol. I paid no mind to my skin being moisturized, I just wanted the acne/pimples gone.*cringes*

Ive been using gentler products on my fsce for a few years now. My favorite product brand is Aveeno. My family has been using their body lotion for years because most of us have eczema. I have been using the Postively Radiant foam cleanser and the Positively Radiant Clear Complexion daily moisturizer. Its oil free,hypoallergenic,abd noncomedogenic. I love all of these qualities in my cleanser and it has salicylic acid to treat my acne.
At some point,I’ll try to get into oil cleansing because although I love my Aveeno,I really do want to use all natural products to take care of my skin. It makes me feel better to “go green” and its easier on my wallet. Aveeno is pretty pricey. I just recently started using EVCO as a moisturizer. It has so many benefits(hydrates and softens, clears away dirt,grime,and dead skin cells cotains antibacterial properties that kill iff harmful bacteria) and that will be my oil of choice for oil cleansing.

I wash and moisfurize my face twice a day and the only thing I do differently at night is I use a night cream. Aveeno has one but its so hard to get and really expensive so I’m using Olay’s firming night cream. I don’t like it and I’m not going to repurchase it because it makes my feel dry.

In the summer, I change my moisturizer to one with some SPF,UVA/B protection. Aveeno also has one but it ia not the Positively Radiant line. It works like a charm and keeps me from getting sunburn. I think I might keep it even after I try oil cleansing. I think maybe coconut oil has a very menial amount of SPF protection so I may experiment with relying on it for sunscreen.

Im excited about oil cleansing and of course I will be letting you know how it works out (pics will be included,of course).


2015 Hair Regimen/Staples


I could have sworn I did a post on my 2015 hair stuff, but then I realized I had merely drafted it.  Sorry. Let’s jump right into it.
I am an admitted lazy natural so I don’t like messing with my hair every day.  I love my braid outs and try to preserve them for a few days before throwing it in a ponytail. To do that, I simply mix my favorite oil( JBCO in the winter, EVOO in the summer) and a curl definer /styler ( my favorite  product to use to get the curl I want is ECO Styler gel). I rarely use water at night because I feel like I will just wind up with a frizzball in the morning. I just take my wet hands through my hair after I take down the braids the next day.

Getting up the strength to go through my wash day routine is just… ugh. However, I do try to get it together every two weeks. I love my Shea Moisture shampoos but they take a huge chunk out of my wallet. So, I’ve started using Bubba’s favorite brand: Alberto VO5. Her favorite one is the Moisture Milks collection in strawberry milkshake and I love it too. My other favorite one is a mint one(can’t remember the actual name and I don’t have an empty to refer to) that I stumbled on. I also use the conditioner that goes with it and like most VO5 products it has good slip.

I’m currently using Creme of Nature with Argan Oil leave in conditioner and my oil of choice is JBCO. The cream I Lloovvee to use is ORSon HAIRepair anti breakage creme or ORS HAIRepair Intense moisture creme. I wish the jar was bigger because I use it at least daily. Finally after LOC’ing I will either do four to six big braids so I can comb it easily into a ponytail or smaller braids for a braid out.

I do pretty much the same thing weekly except I use my protein conditioner. I only use either ORS Hair Mayo or the ORS Deep Treatment Masque. I put it in 4 sections,comb it through, wrap it up in a plastic bag and leave it for an hour. I’m going to start doing my protein treatment every two weeks, because Diva’s breakage is something serious!

The Future
a henna treatment
A professional haircut
going to straighten Diva for the first time in 4 years!

As I do all these things, I’ll keep everyone updated. As always feel free to ask me anything or leave a comment!!

Diva: A January Update


A little bit about what my hair is doing: it’s actually gotten thicker since I started using Tropic Isle Living’s JBCO.  I put it in EVERYTHING (shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and moisturizer ). Even my rough patch has a little length on it.  I’m still struggling with making DC a part of my routine. I did acquire a DC that takes about three minutes to do.  On my lazy days, I use it as directed on the jar but when I know Diva needs extra attention, I add an egg and mayo let it  stay in for 45 minutes.

I think Diva is making okay progress but I want to boost its health and growth by getting it professionally cut.  I have a split end problem and I usually trim my ends every 8 weeks.  I have NO idea if I’m doing it correctly so it’s time to take Diva to a professional.  It’s tax season and along with lowering some bills, I’m going  to take care of me too.  Diva also has a breakage problem. My staple protein conditioner is ORS Hair Mayo  but I believe it’s deemed a “light protein ” conditioner,so I’m in the market for something a little stronger. Obviously, it will still only be used monthly. I started using a new moisturizer. It’s Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. I’ll do a review on that soon.

I have jumped on the bandwagon and started using a hair supplement. I’m using Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin& Nails vitamins. There are so many of these vitamin brands out there, with the most popular being Hairfinity. I just started them last week so it’s not much to go on right now as far as results. The company promises that you’ll start to see results by the 30 day mark and in mid February, I’ll review it with pics!


My DIY Deep Conditioner




2 pks of Naturally Silk Elements Deep Nourishing Conditioner

1/2 tablespoon of ORS Hair Mayo

2 tablespoons of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

1 egg

I applied this on hair that I had washed the previous day.  I didn’t have time to DC and it was so dry. I sectioned into four,applied product, put on a plastic cap and silk scarf. I left it on for an hour and did some chores.

NOTE: Inthe summer, I would change the oil to EVOO because it isn’t as heavy as JBCO.

The results were really fluffy and moisturized hair. Give it a try and tell me what you think.


Hair’em, Scare Em


Hey y’all I know I’ve been a ghost for about…uh, yeah. Anyway,  I didn’t have Denzel #7 (that’s my phone’s name, stop the judgement) with me for a time. Its been returned to me and I can get on with blogging and such.

So, let’s talk about what my hurr and wat its doing….nothing. Stop side eyeing the screen, m’kay?  I am an admitted lazy-as-hell natural and I thought that becoming a CG (curly girl) natural would take up less time anc products. I have many products an it turns out that I can only use four of them on Diva.Say what,now?! I guess I didn’t consider that my products were CG friendly. They aren’t a complete waste because they work for Bubba’s hair. Not only I really have to labels (which sucks because i can’t remember all those scientific names for chemicals) but CG method has its own set of rules about co washing, moisturizing, drying, and styling. Please Lord, stop the madness!!!

I’m not giving up folks. I am going to customize the CG Method to suit Diva. The rules set by the CG method will abdolutely work for some naturals, but I know its not happening for me.

I’m going through some serious withdrawals. I ADORE my SHEA MOISTURE Curl& Shine shampoo and I really shouldn’t be using iy anymore. If I modify CGM, I can but I’m determined to stick to the no poo. When I use it on Bubba’s I turn emerald green with envy lol. My one styler I can use is my ECO Styler gel. If I had to give that up, this whole CGM would be a bust. Gel gives me that chic bitch-on-wheels high bun.

Anyway, a bit of good news…I’m taking the natural hair care section of Mommy In Color and taking it to another blog. Yes, I’ve decided to keep parenting and hair care seperate. I like to read those topics desperate and I can’t get upset when they are put in the same blog if I’m doing the same thing.I’ll have more details for you soon but this is going to be there LAST mention of hair care on Mommy In Color. See ya soon!

Let The Experiment Begin!


So, as promised I have started my Curly Girl Method experiment. I used shampoo for the LAST (hopefully) time on Monday. FYI,  I used Shea Moisture Coconut/Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo. Its sulfate,silicone,and paraben free but I still felt it was tough enough to clean the product build up on Diva. As always, it delivered.

The part that I guess is going to be hardest for me is limiting my comb usage. I will be relying heavily on the my fingers for detangling and styling. I also am going to have a bit of a hard time with picking out products that are silicone free. I don’t look at labels when buying my products,  I usually just go by the reviews of fellow hair bloggers. If they say its all natural an I’m in the mood to try something new (which is always) its coming home with me. To start me off,  I am going to use As I Am Coconut Cowash, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk and Tropic Isle Living Coconut Black Castor Oil.
I used to watch my hair faithfully every week but in the last six months or so, I’ve dropped down to once or twice a month. I am going to go back to my weekly routine and also my monthly hot oil treatment and my monthly protein conditioner treatments.

I will change the products I use for the experiment every month for the next six months because I think it takes at least two weeks to start seeing results with most products. The experiment will conclude on November 12,2014. I invite all of you to tell me about your experiences with the CG method!

The Curly Girl Method: An Experiment


I am so late discovering the Curly Girl Method.Its been causing a bit of a buzz in the natural hair care community for years,but I’m late to the party.(Don’t judge me,I’ve only been transitioning since 2012.)Let me give you a little background on what it is and what it entails.

Lorraine Massey is the creator of the Curly Girl Method. She wrote a hadbook of sorts,called Cury Girl and has two hair salons,Devachan here in New York City.I find her method very interesting as it eliminates the use of shampoo.There is a modified version of it,called “low-poo”,where only sulfate free shampoos are used. After doing some research sans the handbook,here are what I think are the most important factors I got from it:

1)NO SHAMPOO: They contain silicones and surfactants,which are very harsh.They are excellent grease removers and they are in your dishwashing liquid.Your hair is not a bowl or a pot,ladies.Conditioners have mildet surfactants that will get rid of dirt and buildup just as good as shampoo. To detect silicones, look for ingredients that end in -cone, -conol, and -xane.The ONLY safe silicones are.ones that are preceded by PEG or PPG.
2) NO COMBING/BRUSHING ON DRY HAIR: Use paper towels,a microfiber towel or a t shirt for drying.They will dry the hair but leave it damp enough to comb or brush.Be gentle when doing this and if you can’t,use your fingers.

3)THE CONDITIONERS YOU USE:Apart from being silicone free the conditioner you use should have at least one of the following:
A) emollients- shea butter,vegetable oils,wheat germ,olive or walnut oils

B)proteins- wheat,wheat germ,soy protein

C) humectants- panthenol,vegetable glycerin,sorbitol
D)moisturizers- amino acids and aloe vera

I realize this is alot to remember but that’s why it’s an experiment.Most experiments have challenges and I’m up for a good challenge.I’m going to try this for Diva because to be honest,I am a lazy natural.Eliminating shampoo out of my routine is one less thing for me to do,so its a plus. I want to start this experiment the week after my 25th birthday in May( the 8th is my birthday and I’ll start this experiment on the 12th).This will give me more time to research CGM a little more, get the products I can use,and get rid of the ones that I can’t. I’m really excited about this and I’ll be documenting everything about it right here.