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2014 Blogging Goals


I think that Mommy In Color had a decent 2013. I got quite a few more followers, both on the blog and on Twitter,and even more of my personal friends are reading and talking about it. No, I’m not getting paid and I havent gotten nominated for any blog awards,but you have to crawl before you can walk. I’ve grown as a blogger and a woman and Mommy In Color reflects that growth. But…I could be doing better and here’s how I want to do that.

1) I plan on posting twp to three times a week. Although I didn’t finish NaBloPoMo,I got alot of ideas for series I’d like to do. Some of them were You May Quote Me… and From My Personal Diary

2)I got a chance to get some exposure,on my favorite natural hair blog, Good Hair Diaries and that motivated me to start trying to get featured on some of my other favorite blogs in the new year so don’t be surprised if I come a-knocking on your blog door.I’d also like to be featured on other blogs that are about what I know the most about: parenting!

3) Listen, Mommy In Color is meant to show the colorful life of a mother and I want the look to reflect that. Realistically,I can’t afford to pay someone to do a revamp for me. Ain’t nobody got that kind of money! So,my onlyoption is to learn how to do it myself. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of blogs do well with a WordPress theme & format but I’m so much more than that. A blog design is supposed to reflect the blogger’s persona and mine is odd & colorful. I’m hoping in 2014 that I can figure out how to do my own design

4) Mama needs a new pair of shoes! I’m so serious. I want to start getting a couple dollars for my words. I seriously don’t know where to start or how much I should be making but I know a community of bloggers who can point me in the right direction. I don’t expect to make much at first, but I want to start somewhere.

5)Last but not least, I want Mommy in Color to become a place where all young moms can come when they need inspiration, encouragement, or at least to know they are not alone. My content will be digging deeper into the tough stuff while simultaneously showing what it is that young moms care about. I want to do some interviews and feature some brave teen/young moms. I have alot of work ahead of me,but I also am motivated and ready for a challenge!