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My Miracle Morning


I’m not usually one for self help books. In fact, I think they’re mostly a load of crap. I can count on less than five fingers how many I’ve actually read cover to cover. They just aren’t my thing. 

However,  I stumbled upon a Facebook page called Ditch the Diet,Find JOY in fitness and LIVE A F*UCK YES LIFE which is run by Amanda Katherine Loy . I listened to a live feed she did where she discussed her new book club pick, The Miracle Morning: THE NOT-SO OBVIOUS SECRET GUARANTEED TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE BEFORE 8AM. She talks about how the book has helped her get some self care done before she starts her own day. THAT peaked my interest.
As a SAHM, I always have felt like I had no reason for self care because I’m home all day. I only have one child and she doesn’t stir up a fuss so why do I need time for self care? The answer: because not taking care of myself mentally or emotionally has taken away my motivation and confidence. I’m taking an exam for a job soon and although I’ve been studying, I have already defeated myself about it in my head.

I don’t like that feeling so I figured that I have  to change something. During the school year,from the time I wake up I’m rushing to get my daughter out of the door. I snap at her when its5not necessary and I really don’t like that. I started wondering if there isnt a way for me to start the day off right before I engage with anyone. And then I found The Miracle Morning.

I just got my hands on my copy Tuesday evening but I did attempt it (using Amanda’s guidelines) that morning and yesterday as well. Mentally, I feel better but physically,not so much. From what I understand if the Life S.A.V.E.R.S method used,there is an exercise component to the Miracle Morning. That’s an issue for me because I can’t afford a gym membership…AT ALL.So to compensate I will be doing yoga via YouTube. I haven’t done yoga since high school so twisting my body around feels awkward and unnatural. But I’m going to stick with it.

Selecting a journal and writing my affirmations

My goal is to become a happier,calmer,more energized and driven woman by the time Amani goes back to school next month. I do have things I need to take care of career wise and personally and my hope is that the Miracle Morning will help. Have any of you tried the Miracle Morning? Did it help? If you haven’t tried it, do you have a solid morning routine?


Mommy the Teacher

I think I’ve figured out where to start with Amani’s at home lessons. She sometimes recognizes her letters but I’d like for her to easily recognize each and every letter as well as each and every letter sound. As I mentioned before, I will be using teachmama.com and I just noticed that the grade level for Amani’s abcmouse.com is set to pre-kindergarten and I’m gonna bump it up to first grade level. In regards to ABC recognition, I am going to use the ABC Homemade Alphabet Book. I love the idea because to me, it conquers two different school subjects: reading and arts &crafts.They are books that have a page for each letter of the alphabet: one page with the uppercase and lowercase letter and the facing page with child-chosen pictures, drawings, photographs of images that begin with that letter. Amani will be learning her letters while at the same time independently choosing pictures to go into HER book. I believe that she will be more into it because she takes the lead on this project.There’s also a great way to help her with recognizing her name.Another game I want to do with her is the family playing cards. It’s an excellent way to have her practice her tripod grip. I have decided to maybe start teaching Amani American Sign Language. According to this article that I read on education.com

Laura Berg, a certified teacher and founder of My Smart Hands–an agency that offers information and sign language classes for hearing toddlers and parents–explains that sign language helps to bridge the two hemispheres of the brain. This gives children two ways to access a word and its meaning.

Now, I don’t much about ASL except the alphabet and I have been thinking about learning sign language for myself for awhile. Teaching Amani ASL will help with her vocabulary skills and provide a bonding experience for her and I. It may even give her the advantage in school that I would like her to have. However, I will not get into that until after she has a decent handle on basic stuff. As far as Math goes, it’s always been my worst enemy, but I think I can handle first grade Math. She can count from one to ten with ease but sometimes has trouble recognizing how they look and any number with the word ‘teen’ at the end of it is also hard for her. I want to start her off slow with that and we can practice with a simple worksheet.Once she’s mastered it, then I’ll incorporate some games to keep her focused.

I still don’t have a scheduled time for learning time but I’m going to implement one and stick to it as best I can. I wanted to include structured lessons, games, and free play. I’m going to set up a writing center for her and even a wall for her drawings/ paintings.She’s also talented so maybe I’ll even host a talent show for her a few times and have our family be her audience. I can’t wait to start because I can also flex my own creative muscles of which I have many of.Her learning activities will extend beyond home too. I encourage all of you to consider your own child’s futures and get involved with their education before they even hit the school house.They will appreciate it and they’ll appreciate you for doing it for them.

Higher Learning

Now that I’m going to be spending time at home, I need to focus on getting Amani’s literacy, math, and reading skills up to par with a child going into the 1st grade. Amani is super smart and it doesn”t surprise me because she comes from a family of superior learners(hope that didn’t come out too cocky). When my younger brother and I were in grade school, we were both in gifted classes. I was always one reading grade level ahead of the rest of my class and my brother also did well. My mom is a gifted writer and avid reader as is my father so I know Amani is destined to do well. 
However, I really don’t know where to start with her. She uses a program right now called abcmouse.com. I like it because she can learn at her own pace and have fun doing it. She needs more structure,though.

In the next couple of weeks,I’m going to set up a learning sysytem for Amani. I want it to cover everything she’ll need to know for first grade plus extra stuff that will be ahead of her grade level. I am going to mostly be using teachmama.com as a guide and what I like about that site is that it gives a whole bunch of other resources for ideas that u can use in your own lesson plans.

I’m so excited about this new project. It involves two of my favorite things: Amani and education. She has a thirst for learning as most children do and like a plant, I must water her (I know: mad cliche and cheesy, but still true). I’ve seen alot of moms and dads complain that their school system is failing their children and my question is always “What are you doing with them at home?”

I will share everything I come up with in case you guys want to try it and let me know how it works out for you and if u made any changes, I want to know those to. Together, we can prepare our children to compete with those in private schools. Remember, it takes a village…!