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Breakfast Blues



You may see a simple breakfast plate but this delectable dish represents one thing I love to do for Amani: cooking her breskfast. I made this a few mornings ago and as I was setting up her plate,a sad thought occurred to me. I won’t be making her breskfasts for her like I have been once Avery is here. It’s not like I’m Betty Crocker over here making ALL her meals EVERY day but I like to do breakfast 3 times a week. Post Avery that will probably get cut in half. I would love to promise that I am going to do plan ahead frozen recipes like the ones pinned on my Food board on Pinterest,but that’s not going to happen. So the only options left are frozen waffles/breskfast sandwiches and breakfast at school. At least for the first few weeks after Avery comes home.

Making Amani’s favorite foods are one of the ways I show her love. She always praises her favorites and doubles the praise when I come up with new faves(last week it was pancakes w/ strawberry jelly and butter).

It is wonderful that I’m adding to our family but I hate the impending changes it will bring in our routine. Everyone has been telling me that our relationship will be fine but there is still that little tug in the back of my mind that questions if I’ll do or say one little thing and blow our whole relationship to smithereens.


Recap: Quarter 3 Goals Twitter Chat


All over my Twitter feed, Facebook timeline,and even on Instagram everyone is talking about their Quarter 3 Goals. I decided to join a Twitter chat to get some tips on keeping the momentum going for my own goals. So, I found Create Lounge on Twitter (#createlounge) . It’s a weekly chat for creatives hosted by Douglas Humphries (@Douglas_AmongUs) every Wednesday at 9pm EST. Six questions are asked and Douglas gives some really good tips for you to implement. Take a look:

Question 1: What is your theme for this quarter? It could be a word,a mantra,a direction. Whatever you want to define the next season.

Tip: It can be very inspiring to have a theme or word to set your intention,but it can also be anxiety producing to find just the right one. Don’t stress. Go with what feels good.

As always, the biggest thing to remember is that it’s probably going to change. That’s just life. We plan and then have to let it all unfold before us. This is just step one.

Q2: What’s a business goal you have that you want to complete in Quarter 3?

Tip: It’s easy to want to plan out our whole quarter,or year,and,hey, if you can do that,awesome! But don’t feel like you have to. Some things you just don’t know yet. Again,step 1.

That’s why it’s important to keep our intentions,our CDF’s, our why,in front of us. Once we set our intention then we’ll have the direction we need when we have to make that choice we don’t know about yet.

Q3: What’s a personal goal you have or another way you’d like to expand¬† serious this season?


Tip: Remember, goals don’t all have to be business/serious. Creativity is our whole lives, that means what we do for others, for our business/projects,and what we do just for us.

Time management, as always, is an important skill and one we will continue to need. But that means not only making time for our business but for what really matters as well.

Q4: What’s a short term goal you have,say for this month, or even this week?

Tip: Keep in mind, the best way to hit our long term goals is split them up into workable short term steps. Even the smallest goal can lead us to that big dreamt horizon.

Q5: What’s something you could really use this quarter? What’s a way we can help you accomplish your goals?

Tip: Community is the biggest tool we have. It can not only provide encouragement and accountability but inspiration.  When we create together,we foster creativity in each other and ourselves.

Q6: What’s one thing you’d like to end 2018 with that you didn’t start with?

Tip: Dream big people! The more incredible, the better. You wouldn’t believe where you are now a year ago(or even last quarter) why should it be impossible to be where you want to be a year from now?

Great tips,right?! I encourage you all to answer these questions for yourselves and see where you bare in your 2018 goals. I know I definitely have some reconfiguring to do. Join the #createlounge chat Wednesday s at 9pm EST. I will be there!

My 5 Parenting Tips to Young Moms


Recently,a close friend of mine joined the mommy club and another friend of mine has mommy burn out.Their situations are different but in talking with them I noticed I gave them similar advice on how to deal with being a mom. I was given plenty of advice on how to raise my daughter(don’t  hold the baby all day, give her lots of fruits and veggies, limit her tv time,etc…)but parenting goes so much deeper than the child. As a young parent, you have to grow up too.With that being said here are 5 tips on how to deal with parenting and finding yourself.

1)SEEK ADVICE FROM YOUR PARENTS. Just because you are now a parent,doesn’t mean you don’t need your own parents. I have learned that when I have to make difficult parenting decisions,I seek my mother’s help first. Your mom and dad,aunties,uncles helped raised you so they have a wealth of knowledge on the subject as well as other things. Not only that, they are perfect when you need a shoulder to cry on when you are not having a good day.Use them not only for a sitter,but also when you temporarily want to revert back to being “Mama’s baby”.You’ll always need your mom and dad,I don’t care what you say.

2)TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I know of some moms(myself included) who pour everything they have into their children and neglect themselves.When you go shopping,stop spending all your money on your child.Get yourself something even if its something small,like a bottle of nail polish or a tube of lipstick.Get your rest,go on a date,or just go hang out with yourself.When you’re stressed out,it affects how you raise your kids.Whether you became a mom at 17 or 37,we all need a breather.

3)TURN OFF THE TECH. I’m well aware that we live in the technology age.I am SSSSOOOO guilty of being addicted to my social media for my owm personal use as well as blog business,but even I know when to turn it off. When you turn off the tech, spend time with your kids. Read to them, play with them, and most importantly,LISTEN to them.When you do, you learn so much about them. Your attentive ear sends the message that what’s going on with their lives matters.Social media will always be around,your kids will only be little once.

4)STOP FREAKING OUT.When Bubba got her first cold at 2 months old,I bawled like…well,a baby.For some reason,I was convinced that I waa the sole reason my baby had a runny nose and a slightly high fever.How could I let this happen? My aunt explained to me that all children get sick and its unavoidable. In fact,she read an article that said colds build up immmunity.You’re not a terrible mom just because things like sickness, trips& falls,or naughty behavior happen. All these things are apart of growing up and sometimes no matter how careful you are, accidents are inevitable. Think of it this way: when you freak out,your child will freak out and think the worst which only makes the situation worse.You don’t want that do you? So,calm down.

5)ENJOY THE BABY STAGE. I just went shopping for my best friend’s newborn and being in the baby store bought back so many memories. I remember getting frustrated looking for misplaced pacifiers and warming bottles of formula. I miss lugging around an overpacked diaper bag every time I went out with her and rocking Bubba to sleep.Now I have a rambunctious independent big girl who doesn’t need me to feed her,change her,or hold her to get her to sleep.If you’re still iin the “baby stage”, savor every moment,because it’s gone in the blink of an eye.