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The End &The Beginning


The last two weeks of the protective style challenge were a bust. My brother came into town for his birthday with his three children and I spent all my free time with them while they were here. I washed and coditioned but neglected my L.O.C. and did not protect my ends.
I must admit that I got sick of keeping up with the routine and I started getting lazy. I.still enjoyed taking a nice hot shower and taking the time to “make love” to my hair but protecting my ends became a chore and like a bratty kid I didn’t want to do it. However, these last two months did teach me alot.

I enjoyed doing research about all the different products I used and passing along my research to others. I always felt that moms should always pamper themselves and taking care of my hair is going to be one of the ways I pamper myself. I have become more in tune with my hair and have learned to not resent it. I thank God for giving it to me. The challenge did deliver results,though. I didn’t expect to become Rapunzel in 2 months but I expected to learn how to get my hair on a healthier track. Here is where my hair is now:




It did get thicker and a little bit longer and my “rough patch” is not as rough as it used to be.It’s softer and I’ve even gotten the courage to.”dust” it myself. No big chop for me!
I’m jumping into another challenge. I got it from the Good Hair Diaries and it will only last a month.It will concentrate on my breakage probem. I’ve already prepped my hair for it by prepooing it with Profectiv Anti Breakage Detangling Conditioner and tomorrow is wash day. The updates will come weekly and here are the products I will be using:
From Left:Curl Care by Dr.Miracles Rehydrating Shampoo,ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner,coconut oil, ORS Hair Mayo, Goya Olive Oil,ORS HAIRepair Anti-Breakage Strengthener Creme, Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor, and ORS Aloe Shampoo