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NaBloPoMo:1 Week In


This is my fist year actively participating in National Blog Posting Month. I’m glad I did it because its been really fun writing more often& getting more comments. Plus, I’ve gotten more followers both here and on Twitter *does funky chicken*

A week in and I do have to admit I feel like I’m running out of things to say. However, there are plenty of prompts I could use and I love memes,so I’m not too worried about running out of material. I have read some really good NaBloPoMo posts of fellow bloggers by following the hashtag #NaBloPoMo on Twitter. There are some amazing bloggers in the blogosphere and they’ve inspired me to up my writing game.

How are you doing in your first week of NaBloPoMo/NaNoWriMo?

Now Reading: Bringing Up Girls


I don’t know if you guys heard me say on Twitter that I was reading 9 books at one time by reading 100pgs at a time. I’m on book number 7, Bringing Up Girls by Dr.James Dobson. Yes, its a sort if self help book about raising little girls. No, I’m not going to follow every piece of advice word for word. But it’s nice to get a different perspective about raising children. Anyway, in the book is a piece of song called “The Hopechest Song” by Stephanie Bentley. It touched me because I’m sure this is the exact sentiment shared between mothers and daughters from the past,present, and it will be the same in the future.

Her mama bought her a hopechest
To keep her dreams inside
All the precious memories
Little things she’d like to hide
A magic wand,an old rag doll
Some plastic pearls’cause after all

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars tp wish upon
‘Cause one day you will turn around and she’ll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

One day when she got home from school
She slipped a little note
Beneath the tattered lining
And here is what he wrote
“Roses are red, violets are blue”
“Put an X in the box if you like me too”
A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
‘Cause one day you will turn around and she’ll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

They married in the garden on a perfect July day
In a horse and carriage they waved and rode away
Mama went inside to put away her wedding dress
And spotted a letter lying on the old hopechest

It said…

A little girl is only a little girl so long
Your lonely heart might need a star to wish upon
So look inside once in a while to bring the memories
A little girl is only a little girl
And I will always be your little girl
So long…

Tell me that song does not have you all up in your feelings!!! Although I like it,the song that always makes me think of Bubba is  Got To Be There by Michael Jackson.It just says everything I feel about our relationship.

What song makes you think about your daughter/son?

From my Personal Diary – At 4am


Dated:August 18,2013

I’m up at 4:30 am and I have to say I like this time. Everyone is asleep and things feel all dark and mysterious. I can think clearly and watch my t.v.(Frasier is always on at this time) and not worry about anyone calling me for anything. I think about Bubba and I miss her even though she sleeps right across the kitchen in her granny’s room.

I walk around my room and I’ll pick up her latest favorite doll. I smile as I think about the giggles the doll illicits from her. I put it down and go use the bathroom. While I’m on the toilet,I think about what I m going to do that day. Some more reading,a movie for Bubba and me. I go outside and watch the moon start to make a desent. The crickets are still out. The air is starting to change and I grin because I’ve missed the crisp fall air. I struggle to put my ciggy out,head back to my room,and tuck myself in just as the I Love Lucy theme song begins.

That is the Question


A blog that I’ve recently fallen in love with, My Big, Beautiful Life, was recently nominated for not one but TWO Liebster Blog Awards. Very impressive,indeed. So as part of the nomination the award gods wanted to know about the blog’s creator,Britton, and asked her 10 questions. She,in turn,asked her readers questions to get to know us better. At the time, I couldn’t post my answers but now that I’ve had time to think about them, I can answer them. Enjoy!

1)What is your dream career?
My dream career is to be a newscaster just like my fave news lady, Sukanya Krishnan of PIX 11 Morning News.

2)What was your first job? Would you ever do it again?
My first job was as a clerical aide for the Department if Environmental Protection. I was in high school. Yes, I would do it again even though the routine bored me at times.

3)If you could pick any era in your life to go back to, which would it be?
It would be high school definitely. My friends and I were all so close and since we’ve become adults, we barely speak because we’re all so busy with our own lives.

4)If you were on death row and it was time to order your last meal,what would you order?
I would order the Bourbon Black&Bleu Burger from Applebees. It puts every other burger I’ve ever tasted to shame!

5)You’ve been given a round trip ticket to go ANYWHERE that you choose. Where would you go?
I would go to Detroit. I’ve been dying to go to the Hitsville,USA building for years.

6)Michael Jackson or Prince?
MJ FOR LIFE!!! I’ve loved him for the last 11 years of life and my daughter is just as much a fan as I am.

7)What is your guilty pleasure?
Watching Love&Hip Hop:Atlanta. It’s a trashy reality show but I can’t stay away! *hangs head in shame*

8)Where have you always wanted to live? Do you currently live there?
I’ve never wanted to live anywhere but New York City. Fortunately,I was born&raised here and I plan on living the rest of life here.

9)If you could choose how to spend your day,would you pick shopping or the spa?
I’d choose shopping. Love shopping for me and Bubba!

10)How many states in the U.S. have you visited? What state was the furthest you travelled?
I’ve been to three: Washington,DC; Massachusetts,and Conneticut. The furthest was DC but the most fun I had was Conneticut which is where I went for my senior trip in high school.

11) What was the biggest purchase you made recently?
I don’t wwnt to dwell on this subject but I will say this: Everyone, please make sure you have life insurance. Funerals are expensive!!!

I want to know more about you! Pick three of these questions and answer them in the comments below or leave a link from your blog to your answers.

The Day Bubba and I Met


I remember the first time I held Bubba. The nurse had just wheeled her from the nursery and she was sound asleep. The nurse said to press the red button on my remote if I needed anything.Yeah I needed something…to get a grip. I half heartedly smile but kept my eyes on the tiny figure sleeping in the bassinet.

I kept peeking in at her and doing that alone set my heart to racing. One thing no one tells you is that you can be scared,not only of motherhood,but scared of simply holding your baby. What if I hold her,she gets a bad vibe,and cries her whole life at the mere sight of me? What if she doesn’t like me,or worst doesn’t love me?

Amani slept for hours while I made myself crazy pondering these ridiculous notions. Then I heard a tiny cry,followed by a small whine. I stayed in my bed but peeked at the bassinet. Suddenly,her hands became unraveled from the blanket. The burst of cold air definitely pissed her off and she went into a full on cry. I was frozen to my bed as if it were not my child lying there crying for warmth. When her cries became louder,I gently (and sorely) got out of the hospital bed and crept over to the bassinet. Bubba looked at me questioningly,then with warmth. I was her warmth. Oh, thank God! She knew who I was and reached for me. I hesitated still thinking of bad vibes and such. I counted to three,then picked her up.

The scared feeling was overcome by relief. I guess I had been waiting for this moment for nine months and it was here. I took her to the bed and laid her down in front of me. I undid the rest of her blanket and what was under there was my perfect baby. I reached to pick her up but she grabbed my finger. Hard. So hard, while looking directly at me. This conveyed to me that she needed me and she wanted me to know that right from the start. I fell in love with her right then and there. The rest,as they say, is history.




Too Cool for…1st grade?


With all the sadness & grief floating around my house right now,I forgot to update you all on my one bright spot:Bubba!

When September came,I registered Bubba for 1st grade. The secretary who registered her was surprised that I wasn’t her in kindergarten being that she didn’t attend it the previous school year. I was certain that she could handle 1st grade because she’s…well…MY baby. In my head, it stood to reason she would do fine carrying my smart genes. Yeah,that didn’t quite work out. I have to admit she struggled with homework but I just figured she needed a chance to get used to the routine. Plus, my mom had passed away three days after school started and with planning her funeral,Bubba was in and out of school for a few weeks.

But then things seemed to straighten themselves out. I got a letter from Bubba’s school saying her current class was too large and some of the children were struggling. A new class would be formed,made of both kindergarteners and first graders. I didn’t like the idea at first but it was going to happen anyway. Bubba was put into the kindergarten half of this new class& given a new teacher. At first, I was offended. How dare that school try to say my baby can’t handle 1st grade? *pounds chest like King Kong* Whew…lemme calm down.

The Lord whispered in my ear to sit down and shutup,so I did. And what happened next was wonderful. Bubba’s homework became so much easier because it was on the level she could handle instead of the one I thought she should be on. There were less fights during homework time. She really likes her teacher,Mrs.S,and hugs her at pickup time. She’s made friends(and one hater)and has stopped crying during drop off. I can now say she’s a happy student.

I’m glad that I listened to God’s voice. Yes, I have standards for Amani’s education but I have lowered them a bit because that’s just not where she is. I am very proud of her progress. I always say she is a smart child and I have to trust in that. If I doubt her,she’ll doubt herself.

Her school also offers a website for their students. It’s a review of what they’re learning at school and offers the parents a chance to play teacher at home. I love that because I plan on being hands on the entire school year. It started off rocky but I expect to finish strong!



To kick off the start of NaBloPoMo,I’d like to feature a poem by a friend of mine,Frankie. I will be posting his work on Mommy In Color  hopefully on a more regular basis. Let me know what you think!

Sitting across from you tonight
Wondering if I’ve done right
It’s hard for me to look at you,
The lonely kid I never knew
Off making money as you grew
You made scars to see you through
Becoming me is what you feared,
Now I see you on your own
Made your house into a home
We don’t embrace or even fight
We know I’m the one alone tonight

Good Black Don’t Crack…If There’s A Good Skin Care Routine Behind It


I started suffering from acne when I was 13. I hated it with a passion because it added to my geekiness: glasses,braces,and now acne. I didn’t really talk about it and it upset me when my dumb brothers noticed it. My mom told me to use alcohol to dry it out and I washed my face with Dove soap,then spot treated with alcohol. The alcohol dried up the acne and left my skin feeling tight,so I ditched it.

I thought the acne would cease once puberty was over. It did except on my forehead. Whenever I was stressed or it was that time of the month,my forehead went crazy. I had enough so I decided to start doing a trial and error with different products. I started with some unknown brand and it gave me headaches and dizzy spells. Then I found Aveeno. I trusted it for my eczema, so why not for my face.

I started using Aveeno Positively Radiant foam cleanser and its moisturizer. It worked! Of course I didn’t see results right away,but after about a month,the acne started disappearing and my skin tone evened out. The ugly duckling was turning into a swan! I’ve been using it for six years now. However,I did build a regimen recently. Since I have been trying to be natural with my hair care,why not skin care too?

In the morning, I wash my face with either Aveeno foam cleanser or Clearasil Acne Wash &Face Mask. I do the mask once a week for  a minute. I sometimes add a couple drops of tea tree oil because of its anti bacterial,antiviral,and antifungal properties. You can also add a few drops to your moisturizer. Don’t apply directly to your face because its very potent and can irritate skin. I use an exfoliator scrub once a week to clear away dead skin cells. My current brand of choice is Neutrogena Naturals Exfoliating Acne Scrub. It doubles as a acne fighter so when I don’t use my Clearasil,I’m still treating my acne. After washing my face,I moisturize. I LOVE and REFUSE to leave Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer. I’ve been using it for years because it has a broad spectrum SPF of 15,so I’m good in summer& winter. Yes ladies, u need sun protection in the winter!

I’m hoping to use more products in the Neutrogena Naturals line. It’s another way of using things that are more natural just as I try to do with my hair.

Lip Tip:
Try Baby Lips sunscreem lip balm to have some added protection to those lips!

So,ladies, what products are you using to take care of you fierce face?