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It seems the Winter has finally lifted its foot off my little neck of the woods. Though the temperature is still a but touchy, it feels good to look forward to the sun blinding me with a cool,not cold, breeze on my back. I’m also looking forward to bringing Avery outside more. I have been itching to show the entire neighborhood the cause for my tired eyes and reflective smile.

But its not all sunshine and rainbows despite the rising temperatures. I dont know what to do with myself. Ive been going back in forth in my mind about whether I want to go back to work outside the house or make a real go of working from home. Both options scare me but for different reasons. Going back to work outside is fine but my mom would watch the children and her health is not the best. Daycare is not an option because I just don’t trust people. I have a friend who could maybe help me out but she has 7 children of her own.

On the flip side, I could make a go of being a work at home mom. I have affiliate links on here and I could stary reaching out to brands to work with. I have people in my online community who could help me figure out how to approach brands,come up wit a media kit,etc. The down side to that is I probably won’t be making much to start off with. However, my ideal situation is to work from home so I can take care of the kids and look after my mom.

I am really confused as to what my next steps are going to be. I know I need an income as soon as possible and I need to be proactive in making things happen. But while I’m praying and waiting on the Lord to order my steps, I’m going to enjoy this time of renewal,fresh starts, and beautiful tulips. Maybe the answer will reveal itself in the nature around me,who knows?


So with me being a SAHM, I haven’t really gotten into a routine.With Bubba becoming more independent, I find that I have longer stretches of time to do things that I need/want to do.

The only routine I have is a t.v. routine.Like 5 days out of the  week, I know what I’m going to be watching all day. I figured if I could give myself that kind of dedication for my favorite t.v. programming, then I can dedicate myself to a household routine, in which I’m making both me and Bubba more productive.

Alot of my motivation came from the Young Mom Summit- Tips To Make The Most out of Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom over at The Young Mommy Life. Bubba needs time set aside for learning activities and mommy time, and she also needs to take a break from me too,.Let’s face it, she loves me just as much as I do her but I know I get on her nerves,too.

I have at least a good two hours before Bubba wakes up in the morning and I think I can take that time to tidy up a bit ( or alot depending on how lazy I was the day before), get some writing done, and catch up with my Twitter/ Facebook timelines. Once breakfast for Bubba is out of the way, I can go ahead and give her about an hour or two for learning and creative play. The thing I love about Bubba is she is excellent with her computer skillls, so our laptop doubles as her fun zone and academic stuff.


Mommy N is sort of my partner in my parenting situation and she has no problem taking over responsibilities for Bubba when I get to my boiling point and need a cooling off period,(like right now as I’m writing this post)

I know there are going to be days when things will happen totally unexpectedly as it always does with motherhood. I just have to remember that I can get through it and not to take myself so seriously. I chose to be a SAHM for Bubba’s benefit and I have to learn how to adapt myself to a situation that I haven’t been in in awhile.


SAHM or Bust!