You May Quote #13

This past Sunday, Bubba and I attended our first ever Soul Summit Music Festival. Actually, it was our first music festival ever(remember I mentioned our summer to try new things?This was one.) My cousin invited Bubba and I to spend time with him and his family before the summer is over. I hadn’t seen him since my mom’s funeral almost two years ago and before then I hadn’t seen him in over a decade. What made me want to spend time with him was that although I hadn’t seen him in years as soon as he heard my mom was gone, he cam to support me. I remember when I was a little girl and his grandmother was raising me, he used to come by and sometimes bring my brother and I little gifts. I really adored him.

When he invited me I was so excited and I couldn’t wait because I needed to reconnect with him and while we were at the festival he remarked that it sucks that our family is so distant from each other. He said that after his grandma and our aunt passed, that was when our family just sort of broke. Now we only see each other at funerals. Sad,but true.

I met his wife and his children and some of his friends. They were so welcoming and the festival’s atmosphere was amazing. People from ALL walks of life were there and Bubba danced her ass off!!! She kept talking about how she was happy to be around her cousins and how beautiful nature was.The feelings that she and I were having is exactly the kind of feelings that family should evoke in you. which brings me to this week’s quote:

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  1. It’s so interesting to read this post tonight. Just a few days ago, I was telling my husband the exact same thing you said here – right after my aunt died, it seems the whole family on my dad’s side just kind of fell apart. Even at Christmas, only a few of us show up. It’s crazy how one turn of events can spark such change. Thanks for sharing!


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Unfortunately, I’ve found out that it’s like that with many families. I’m making the choice to put my family is going to get where we used to be little by little,one day at a time.


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