Old School Blogging: Full On Random

If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?

None. Although, I have a few guilty pleasures, reality shows usually depict people behaving badly and acting ridiculous for fame. I would NEVER become a reality star!

Name one thing you have saved from your childhood.

When I was 11 years old,  my mom gifted me a beautiful old school hat box music box. It is one of my most prized possessions to this day.


If you’re life had a theme song,what would it be?

With my 26th birthday less than 2 months away, I’ve been thinking about the changes in my life over the last year and I think the song that fits me right now is “Pieces of Me” by Ledisi. I encourage ally ladies to check it out!

People just don’t know what I’m about
They haven’t seen what’s there behind my smile
There’s so much more of me I’m showing out(These are the pieces of me)

When it looks like I’m up sometimes I’m down
I’m alone even with people all around
But that don’t change the happiness I found
(These are the pieces of me)

So when you look at my face
You gotta know that I’m made
Of everything love and pain
These are the pieces of me

Where is your happy place?

Hands down, it’s Barnes and Noble Booksellers. I love the smell of all the new books, the sound of the crisp pages turning as people sneak a peek through the books, and the whispers of cashiers talking to the customers. Keep your damn Nook books!

What is one thing about your home that you and your spouse disagree on?

I don’t have a spouse or a boyfriend I live with, but I do have no annoying mother. The room we fight over most is my room. I am a notoriously messy person and my mom is one of those neat freaks. It drives me nuts when she tries to organize my stuff because I’m proud of my organized disaster. I can’t find anything when she cleans it… if that makes sense. Stay outta my room, MOM!

What is your favorite fruit?

I love cherries! My aunt introduced them to me when I was pregnant. The downside is that they stain fingers and are only available in the Spring and Summer so I don’t each much fruit in the Winter .

Bowtie or regular tie?

Regular ties. Bow ties are not for everyone. Some men look like they’re being cut off at the neck in a bow tie… weird.

Mexican or Italian (food, not men )?

Definitely Mexican. I like tacos, burritos, nachos, etc. I love Taco Bell. As a matter of fact “Yo quiero Taco Bell, ahora! ”
And if we’re talking about men… both

Where do you want to go on summer vacation?

Disney World. I have to meet Belle! That is all.

What are your go-to shoes in your closet?
I only have one pair of sneakers at a time. I wear them down pretty quickly to the point where holes form in the soles from all the walking and standing I do. I bought my last pair in the Summer and they were fabulous Michael Kors sneakers. They are on the way out, unfortunately.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julia says:

    I was just telling my husband that I have yet to meet Belle at Disney but I have met Gaston and The Beast.


  2. I love that music box, so sweet that you still have it. And your shoes are awesome. I love the bookstore too! I posted a pic of my daughter there yesterday, on Instagram. We were just “hanging out.” 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


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