Happy Anniversary, K!!!

At the end of the school year, I told Bubba  that this summer would be our “summer to learn something new”. When I said “our”, I thought I meant she would get to experience all the actvities (for free)that New York has to offe and I would take the pictures..And so far, we’ve done ok. She started her writer’s workshop at a library in Manhattan. We were going to let her try her hand at making her own superhero but the program somehow got all screwed up. But it was still nice to be outside that day. We went to Coney Island’s Luna Park for the Indepenence Day weekend.  So far, everything we tried has been new…for her.

I also have been going through something new. I reconnected with my high school best friend and though it isn’t a new relationship time wise, it has turned into something new. My friend is a mom now and she looks different. She has that tiredness around the eyes that all moms of toddlers have. She looks at her baby with that little bit of wonder that we all have when we first start out. You know, that sort of ‘aww’ with the twinkle in your eye? Anyway, she looks beautiful. When I was with her and our girls, I felt like there was a new unspoken agreement with us. Yeah, we are moms,but we were the same girls who wanted the Oprah-Gayle friendship. The cash flow and notoriety and the solid foundation all good friendships were built on. When she had her baby, I had just lost my mother a few months before. I made it to the baby shower and just that was hard. I wandered away from her, but when I was ready to be her friend,she was ready to have me back. I don’t know any friend like her who would just take me as I am.And I love her for it. That’s what’s going to make her baby love her. It’s the reason I’ve loved her since October 27, 2004. To something new…and to something just as I left it..

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